Americans with Disabilities Act

Click Here - The ADA is one of America's most comprehensive pieces of civil rights legislation that prohibits discrimination and guarantees that people with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else to participate in the mainstream of American life -- to enjoy employment opportunities, to purchase goods and services, and to participate in State and local government programs and services.  The ADA is an "equal opportunity" law for people with disabilities.


Da Vinci Initiative

Click here - The Da Vinci Initiative believes that art can be taught and that teaching skills enhances student creativity. Teaching realist based art skills such as those implemented by Da Vinci and Michelangelo not only aligns with current educational research that other subjects currently embrace, but it also enhances the number of choices students can make when creating their own work. By learning solid draftsmanship, color theory, paint handling skills, perspective, etc. students can expand their own toolbox for visual expression.


National Art Education Association

Click here - A dynamic community of practice is where visual arts teachers, scholars, researchers and professors, students, administrators, and art museum educators, and artists come together around a shared belief in the power of the arts in developing human potential. Wyoming is a part of the Pacific Region. The Pacific Region Vice President is Patrick Fahey, an Associate Professor at CSU. Contact Patrick at


National Art Honors & Junior Honors Society

Click here - Sponsoring a chapter of the National Art Honor Society (NAHS) or National Junior Art Honor Society (NJAHS) magnifies the innovation, skills, and scholarship that your art program brings to your school and community. Opportunities for national recognition, scholarships, and connectivity to 46,000+ outstanding art students are available to your students as members of NAHS/NJAHS.


Very Special Arts

Click here - VSA, the international organization on arts and disability, was founded more than 35 years ago by Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith to provide arts and education opportunities for people with disabilities and increase access to the arts for all. With 52 international affiliates and a network of nationwide affiliates, VSA is providing arts and education programming for youth and adults with disabilities around the world. Each year, 7 million people of all ages and abilities participate in VSA programs, in every aspect of the arts – from visual arts, performing arts, to the literary arts.


Wyoming Arts Alliance

Click here - WyAA aims to be the statewide arts network to provide a voice for the arts. The premise of WyAA’s advocacy work is that the arts can be utilized as a strong economic, cultural, and educational driver for communities.


Wyoming Arts Council

Click here - Through grants, partnerships, programs and unique opportunities, the Wyoming Arts Council (WAC) provides funding and support for projects big and small, in every corner of the state.


Wyoming Secondary Art Educators

Click here - WSAE offers professional development opportunities for Wyoming art teachers K-12 during their annual Fall Conference.  Their other big annual event is State Art Symposium, held each spring in Casper, WY. The annual State Art Symposium offers Wyoming art students an opportunity to show their work and experience the other artwork from around the state.








Art Standards


National Core Art Standards

Click here - Launched June, 2014


Wyoming Fine Art Standards

Click here - Adopted 2013




NAEA position statements up for review in March 2016


Early Childhood Art Education


Certified/Licensed Visual Art Educators in Pre-K through 12 School Settings


Teacher Evaluation and Student Growth


Deaccessioning Objects in Art Museum Collections


Regarding the Use of Race Based Mascots in Educational Settings


Arts Integration


21st Century Skills and Visual Arts Education


Distance Learning in Art Education


Student Assessment in the Visual Arts Classroom


Each position statement can be seen in its entirety here.


Additional position statements by NAEA can be found here.



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